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Dates: June 5th – June 18th

The June Workshop is Closed. 

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You want your kids to be happy, healthy, creative, and imaginative!

You want to help your kids find the right balance between technology and other activities!

You want to have shared experiences and build memories! 


What if there was something that could help to foster all of those things, while providing a way for you to connect with your kids?


Nature can help!


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  The Everyday Nature for Families Online Workshop will help you create a nature habit that helps your family connect with nature (and each other), spark wonder, and awaken a sense of awe for the natural world. 



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All of this and more will help you tap into the amazing benefits nature has to offer to you and your family.

What to expect: 

The simple daily activities will take only  5-10 minutes to complete and can be reflected upon later on a journal page, if you so choose.

The PDF’s will also include additional projectsbook suggestionslinks to future learning, and reflection journaling pages.

The Facebook group will be a private place to share your experiences, and struggles, in a safe spot with other parents going through the same.

Your family will benefit (mind, body, and soul) from unplugging from the digital world (for a little bit) and plugging into nature!



What Parents are Saying About Past Programs

As a busy mom to a large family, I loved the easy daily prompts that the whole family enjoyed participating in. Even my adult children! But most of all I enjoyed connecting online with other workshop participants. It’s wonderful to see how others from around the world engage in nature. Although one doesn’t think of online = nature, Dawn fosters a true community within the group and you truly come away richer for the experience.” – Shari

“I feel like the lessons from this course helped me to notice things that I may not have before. There were droves of ant pathways across the trails, we investigated the tiniest of leaves and noticed just how unique each stick was that had fallen to the forest floor.” – Angela

“Thank you so much Dawn for this wonderful workshop. I’m really glad I took it. I look forward to going through all the lessons again and trying them out again and again as the season change.” – KC

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A Little About Me

While my childhood and early adult years were filled with plenty of time in the outdoors, it was not until I had children that the pure fascination and wonderful of nature took hold.

My daughter in particular had an insatiable desire to know more. She would see a creature and not be content to simply watch it, she wanted to touch it, see how it worked, know its name, and find out more about how it lived. It was her undeniable attraction to nature study that put me the path I am on today because I learned so much right alongside her.

As the kids have grown up and our family has seen changes in life and schedules we don’t have nearly the time we once did to spend outdoors and therefore look for any opportunity to connect with nature we can find in our daily life, making nature connection part of our family culture.

Now I am passionate about helping other families do the same. Helping them unplug, get outdoors, get healthy, do simple things to connect with nature (and each other) daily, and learn a bit about our world along the way. It is not always easy to get my kids outside, but the benefits of doing so are exponential and I could not imagine life without our time outdoors, connecting to the natural world. 

I have co-authored the book, “Whatever the Weather: Science Experiments and Art Activities that Explore the Wonders of Weather” (Roost Books, April 2016) and blog at Mud Puddles to Meteors, a nature study blog for families.

I hope you will join me and bring a little bit of nature into your everyday family life.

~ Dawn



Please feel free to email me at dawnsuzette@gmail.com if you have any other questions!

I would love to have you join the growing number of families who have found the joy of connecting with nature daily and see the benefits it can bring to you and your family.