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Are you ready to help your busy family slow down, become more mindful?

Would you like more nature related activities to inspire writing, math, and science exploration?


The Mud Puddles Nature Lab serves to provide families with daily nature inspiration to encourage nature exploration, spark wonder, and incorporate nature into learning.

Studies have shown that kids with regular access to nature in outdoor play environments engage in more creative play, have increased ability to focus, are more civil to each other, have greater self-discipline and so much more. The aim of the lab is to help you, as the parent or caregiver, incorporate nature into activities you may already be doing, and inspire you to bring more nature into daily life. 

In the lab you will find resources that provide tools for wherever you are on your journey with nature study and connection.

The idea is for you and your family to find nature wherever you find yourselves during your busy days and easily be able to use nature as a launch pad for explorations in writing, math, science and more.


For just $9 US a month lab members will receive:

– a daily email with a prompt, activity, or simple science experiment, with extension ideas for incorporating the activity or experiment into daily life, right in their inbox (You will have a choice to receive daily emails in your inbox or a weekly PDF with all of the prompts, activities and experiments sent out each Sunday.)

– printable journal sheets and activities

thematic book and resource list each month

– membership in a private Facebook group

private giveaways for lab members only

– access to me for personal consultation

– inspiration, support, and encouragement in a vibrant community of like-minded families

We would love to have you join us!


 Within 24 hours of sign up you will receive an email with the welcome packet and your first daily prompt.

If you would like to received your daily prompt emails at an address different from the email you use for paypal please leave a message with that email in the note to seller box. Thanks!

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What parents are saying about past programs: 

“The prompts were simple enough to not feel like something extra to do, I like getting daily reminders rather than trying to remember to check a list, and the community/sharing made it that much more fun.” – Monique

“We loved how simple it was, how we did it everyday, how the prompts were what we made of them (we could do a little or a lot!), and how there were frequently ideas for extensions of the activities!” – Jennifer S.

“This is really great Dawn! I have found that we are definitely more observant when we head outside, even just to run errands. We are looking at the sky or noticing the leaves on a tree. Even if only from our car windows. We are noticing and we are talking about it. I definitely attribute this to participating in the Fall Outside challenge!” – Jennifer P.

“I feel like the lessons from this course helped me to notice things that I may not have before. There were droves of ant pathways across the trails, we investigated the tiniest of leaves and noticed just how unique each stick was that had fallen to the forest floor.” – Angela

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Questions & Answers

We are not an “outdoorsy” family. Do we need to get outside every day to benefit from this? 

While the idea is to encourage you and your children to get outdoors the reality is that it does not always happen. You will still greatly benefit from joining the lab because the prompts will always be there for you to engage in when you do head outside, the book lists will be helpful in finding books to encourage your family engage with nature, and it will be very inspiring to be involved with a vibrant community that will be there to support you on your journey.

What if my child refuses to go outside? 

There are certainly times when all of us want to stay inside, and some kids are not initially inclined to go outside and explore if they have not been exposed to nature in the past. If a child refuses to go outside the best thing a parent can do is show enthusiasm for nature by reading nature related books and bringing nature to them by setting up a bowl or low table with leaves, cones, even a snail to observe for the day until they are ready to venture out. There are also many ways to make nature a part of daily life without making “going outside” a big production. We will work on these things in the lab!

We get outside a lot already, will this be of any use to us? 

Yes. Having a daily focus to prompt investigation and discovery can open doors to new interests and explorations. The monthly bundle will also provide you with resources and information that can help enhance your time outdoors. Those two pieces, along with a supportive community of like-minding families will be a great addition to your time outside.

I live in the Southern Hemisphere, will the prompts still work for my family?

The thematic prompts can be fairly specific to the Northern Hemisphere some months (such as focusing on insects in July) but we do have families enrolled that live in the Southern Hemisphere who are happy with the lab and the inclusion of the longitudinal prompts and resources.

What age range are the prompts geared towards? 

The prompts are great for kids ages 4-10. With a little more parents or teacher involvement they can be adapted to work with younger kids.

I would like to see sample prompts. Do you have any available? 

You can download a few sample prompts right here.

How long is the commitment once I sign up and will my fees increase? 

Membership is on a month-by-month basis. Once you join your enrollment fee remains the same, even if the price of enrollment increases in the future and you can cancel at any time.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. You can email me at

I am looking forward to seeing you in the Lab!


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I am a naturalist and mama to two curious kiddos (one homeschooled, one schooled). I lead families on weekly nature walks and give talks to local community groups. Through Mud Puddles to Meteors I offer online classes and workshops to help families in their journey to connect with our world and engage in nature study. I co-authored “Whatever the Weather: Science Experiments and Art Activities That Explore the Wonders of Weather,” with my blogging partner Annie. I am also a photographer, a water lover, and native Californian living in Nova Scotia.