A Nature-Inspired Desktop Calendar for You!

11 November 2017 Sunday Start

The calendar tells me November is here, there are leaves aloft all around, and the fire is burning in the stove as I type this morning. I guess those are all indicators that a new desktop calendar is needed…oh, and that we are in the depths of Fall!

It was a no-brainer to pick a leaf for the calendar this month. We have been watching them fly, raking them, and jumping in them for weeks now.

Fall Outside 2017

Before we go on, I have to tell you Fall Outside 2017 starts today! Yay!

We are spending the next 30 days getting inspired to get outside and enjoy nature while acclimatizing out bodies to the cold to come. Click right here to sign up and join us!

From the Archives

I went digging around in the archives and found few posts you might want to check out:

If creatures are on the move in your neck of the woods, The Migration Activity Guide would be the perfect addition to any fall nature study.


Alright…on to the calendar!

Download the Sunday start version of the calendar here.

The Monday start version can be found here.

Simply download and right click on the preview, then select “use image as desktop picture.”

Let me know in the comments if you can spot the creature in this photo. Look carefully!



One last thing… 

I’m teaming up with our publisher, Roost Books, to have a giveaway for a few copies of Whatever the Weather soon! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay in the loop for the giveaway!

Whatever the Weather Cover BUTTON

Let wonder lead the way…


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