Happy World Migratory Bird Day

winter robins

Today, May 10th, is World Migratory Bird Day!

In honor of the day and our flying friends I did a roundup of bird-related posts you might enjoy today.

First, a short video about World Migratory Bird Day from the people who started the campaign!

Now for the Roundup!

– What is World Migratory Bird Day? 

– The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website is one of our favorite bird resources.

– Check out your Regional Migration Forecast here.

– This Pop-up Birder’s Life List is a great project to start this time of year.

– Learn more about Flocking Birds here (with printable PDF included)

Hawk hunt-1

And, if you are interested in delving deeper into migration grab the Migration Activity Guide right here.


Do you have any favorite bird-related resources? 

Please share in the comments.

I would love to see and learn about what you are using to learn about birds.


Happy World Migratory Bird Day!


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