Hitting the Trail: Hemlock Ravine Park (Nova Scotia, Canada)

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Hemlock Ravine Park (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Today we are traveling to Hemlock Ravine Park in Nova Scotia. Trekking in this amazing urban park is like stepping off the highway into a magical forest. While the city is only moments away it is easy to feel as if one could get lost in this park, knowing full well that if you walked just a short distance in any one direction you would bump into dwellings or a road. It is a treasure not to be missed when visiting Halifax.

Ravine Stream-1

Lady Slipper-1

OJ Fungi-1


Berries soon to be-1

Roots on the path-1

White Beauty in the Sun-1

Up the Tree-1

Some Things to Know

Location: Hemlock Ravine Park is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (More information can be found here, and a map of the trail system here.)

Habitat: Woodland with streams and ponds.

Favorite Plant and Animal Life: A wide variety of wildflowers, berries, and fungi can be found along the trail starting in late spring through the fall. Many bird species can be found in the park, including ducks in the heart shaped pond at the entrance to the park, and the occasional squirrel can be heard chattering from the treetops.

Special Features: The park was once part of the country estate for the Duke of Kent. While the trail system is surrounded by development now, once on the well maintained trails it feels as if you are miles away from civilization. At the entrance of the park is a lovely heart shaped pond with a trail that leads around then off into the forest.

Best Time of Year to Visit: Late spring through early winter are the best times to visit. While the trails are still accessible during the winter, they are not maintained and can be very icy at times.

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  • Shan June 17, 2014, 4:39 pm

    It is hard to believe that this is an urban park. The pictures are lovely, especially like the fungi.

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