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weather watcher's handbook

Good Monday morning everyone! After a reasonably long time and many hours of work, we are officially ready to share something very special and exciting with all of you. Our first e-book! The Weather Watcher’s Handbook: A Family Guide to Weather Science is a fun foray into the wild, weird world of weather and the interesting (and sometimes surprising) science behind it all.  You’ll find accessible explanations to questions about everything from where the wind comes from to why we have seasons, and it is all nicely complimented with engaging hands-on activities and projects that help bring it all to life. It’s a fantastic resource for science-loving families, homeschoolers, or anyone raising kids who are interested in the workings of the natural world, really.

The two of us have been hard at work on a few “behind the scenes” projects for some time now; some that we’ve shared already, with others still yet to be announced. But all the while this book was humming along in the background, waiting for us to have the time to finish it up and send it along to all of you. We couldn’t be happier to have it ready to go at last, and we hope that you all will enjoy browsing the beautiful photographs, learning some cool new facts, and diving into a science experiment or five just as much as we have enjoyed putting this book together for you.

To find out more about the book, or to download a copy for yourself, hop on over to the book’s page here on the blog.

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  • NW Juliana November 8, 2013, 9:47 am

    Hello! I’m new to your blog. This book looks interesting! Do you have some sample pages anywhere? Would love to take a look since I’m not familiar with your writings as of yet. Thank you.

    • dawn & annie November 11, 2013, 9:02 pm

      Welcome to Mud Puddles to Meteros, Juliana!
      We are working on a page with some sample pages of the book, and will let you know when they are available.
      Thanks for the interest!

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