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Cleveland Beach 7-1

Life for us here at Mud Puddles has been a bit busy. I, Dawn, just finished driving across the continent from New Mexico to Nova Scotia, and have been busy setting up house. Annie has jumped back into teaching full time, and has been hitting the books for her credential exam; along with training for the NYC Half-Marathon, happening tomorrow! Go Annie!

With all of that going on we did manage to find some gems to share with you this weekend.

– Our friendly New Hampshire gardener has a bit of a mystery at the end of this post. Would you like to help him solve it?

– Sea cucumbers going extinct?

– The first big solar flare of 2014! Check it out here.

– Neat look at sonar and a new fossil find. (warning: some of the side bar photos may be a little inappropriate)

If you have come across something interesting that you would like to share please leave a link in the comments. Thank you!

Cleveland Beach 26 -1

Hopefully by next week we will be back on track with our regular posting schedule! If you would like to contribute a trail, museum, interesting nature find, or activity please let us know. We are really looking forward to continuing to share posts from our wonderful, growing community of fellow nature lovers. You can reach us at 

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  • tamara March 17, 2014, 8:39 am

    Your NH link reminds me of one of the movies we just recently watched. The boys think it was Madagascar narrated by the one and only David Attenborough. :) Anyway, there was a spider who would grab a snail shell and wrap its silk around it and then up to a branch and come down again and wrap another line around but shorten the line as it got to the branch, this way bringing the shell to rest above the ground. She would then lay her eggs inside. I wonder if the opening in the pic in the NH post is so the wee babies can come out of the egg sack if that is indeed the case. Very cool!

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