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This week has been so much fun!

It has been wonderful to share these amazing resources and products with you all, and while I have not had a chance to read through all of the comments yet, there have been many that have made me smile, and sometimes laugh. I love hearing from you all!

I went into Rafflecopter this morning and let them pick our random winners. It was actually more fun that I imagined waiting for those names to pop up!

Now on to our winners…


The amazing Roost Books bundle goes to:

Melodie Swope

Congrats, Melodie!

Along with offering some truly fantastic books, the Roost Books Website also has some super free projects for you! Click on over to check those out!


The Easy Macro Lenses go to:

Jennifer Puig Schmitz

Duane Bolin

Katie Castleton

Congrats to you all!

Don’t forget that Easy Macro has given Mud Puddles to Meteors readers a great code for 25% an order over there! Use “Mud16” at checkout to get the discount.

This is only available to the first 100 people using the code so make sure you pop on over there quickly to get this awesome deal!



The Sweetbrier Farms Healing Salves go to:

Tara A. 

Yanic Arsenault Berkey


Congrats to you all!

Sweetbrier Farms has an amazing Botanical Facial Gift Set that would make a wonderful gift, along with many other salves, soaps and other herbal goodness. Click over there for some gift shopping!



The Wings, Worms and Wonder 12 Month Art & Nature Journal goes to:

Libby Mathis

Congratulations, Libby!

Along with lots of free activities and resources Wings, Worms, and Wonder also has some fantastic online nature journaling classes. One of these classes would make a great gift to yourself or friend looking to jump into nature journaling! You can also order your very own copy of the 12 Month Art & Nature Journal right here! 



The beautiful RJT Designs Flower Presses go to:


Hannah Anderson

Congrats to you both!

Check out the beautiful presses over at the RJT Designs etsy shop. One of these presses would make a wonderful gift for a nature loving friend!



The sweet pouch from the Nature Pal Exchange goes to:

Sara ‘Hinshaw’ Stockinger

Congrats, Sara!

Every nature loving family needs to check out and participate in at least one Nature Pal Exchange! (Warning: it can be addicting!)

Visit their Instagram for tons of nature inspiration and follow along to keep up to date about new exchange opportunities


All winners will be contacted by email.


Thanks to everyone who entered!

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!




Nature Pal Exchange began when two homeschool moms, who lived on opposite coasts, decided to collect and exchange nature items that they had found while out exploring. It has grown into a wonderfully vibrant community of nature loving families who not only share nature, but inspire each other to get out and explore our natural world.

Each season the amazing ladies at the Nature Pal Exchange organize a nature pal swap. They match families from different regions throughout the U.S.A (and Canadian families with others living in Canada) so they can exchange nature finds to share and learn more about the wide range of phenomenal nature we have here in North America.

Not only do they take the time to make these matches, which I know from experience is a lot of work, but they also raise money with each swap for a charitable donation.

You can learn more about the Nature Pal Exchange and how to get involved at their website.

Follow along with this inspiring community on Instagram for a wonderful dose of daily nature sharing.

They also have a Society 6 shop you can find here and a Red Bubble shop here.

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win this adorable pouch from the Nature Pal Exchange shop. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be announced December 3rd!

Don’t forget to enter to win the other giveaways announced this week: 

The Roost Books 4 Book Bundle

Easy Macro Lenses

Sweetbrier Farm Healing Salve

Wings, Worms, and Wonder 12 Month Art & Nature Journal

RJT Designs Flower Presses

Winner to all of the giveaways will be announced here on the blog tomorrow! 


Giveaway: 2 RJT Designs Flower Presses


When our presses showed up in the mail we knew they were something special right when we took them out of the box. These presses have been a joy to have on our coffee table as we wait for our flowers and leaves to be presses for projects and sharing. They are like works of art in and of themselves.

Not only that, but they are so easy to use! With the sturdy design and strong (but not too strong) rubber bands to keep everything together, they made adding new specimens to press simple and easy.

You can learn more about RJT Designs and take a peek at their other designs over in their Etsy shop.

We were exceptionally excited when the amazing folks at RJT Designs said they would give us two presses to giveaway!

Use the rafflecoptor below to enter to win one of two presses we will giving away this week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be announced on December 3rd.

Don’t forget to enter to win the giveaways announced earlier this week!

Roost Books Four Book Bundle

Easy Macro Lens

Sweetbrier Farm Healing Slave

Wings, Worms, and Wonder 12 Month Art & Nature Journal

Check back tomorrow for another giveaway!




A Free December Desktop Calendar for You!


Oh, December!

It is really hard to believe we are turning to the last page of the calendar already!

I made up a desktop calendar with one of my very favorite frost pictures. I can vividly remember the day I took this photo. It was cold, as you can imagine, and the snow was crunching underfoot, but the sun had broke through to brighten everything up beautifully.

When I showed my son he was instantly on board with the idea of this shot becoming our December desktop. We hope you love it!


Before we get to the download, I wanted to let you know that the Mud Puddles Nature Lab is open for new enrollment. Yay! 

I am very excited about the December we have planned in the lab!

Our theme this month is ‘Spark Wonder’ and we have some wonderful prompts to help us connect with nature and each other during what can be a very busy month for some families.

Click on over here to learn more and join us in the nature lab!


Now for the Calendar! 

Download the Sunday start version here.

The Monday start version can be found here.

Simply download and right click on the preview, then select “use image as desktop picture.”

For those of you signed up for the Free Nature Prompts they will be in your inbox by Friday. If you want to sign up to receive them you can do that right here.





We are right in the middle of a whole week of giveaways on the blog right now so be sure to enter to win some of the great prizes before you click away!

A Book Bundle from Roost Books

One of Three Easy Macro Lenses

One of Three Sweetbrier Farms Healing Salves

Wings, Worms, and Wonder 12 Month Art & Nature Journal

Check back for the Thursday and Friday giveaways!

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Kelly, from Wings, Worms, and Wonder, sent me a preview copy of the 12 Month Art and Nature Journal and I was instantly smitten. Nature journaling is one area of nature study that I have the most difficult time keeping up with and this book is like an open invitation to join a friend in journaling. This book is a wonderful mix of drawings to color and blank pages to provide inspiration for my own entries (including blank calendar pages for thumbnail sketches, which I love). I am delighted to have this book to help me jump start my nature journaling again!

It did not take me long to ask Kelly if she would be willing to giveaway a copy of this wonderful journal to one of our readers! I was delighted when she said she would!

Here is a description of the journal:

“The Wings, Worms, and Wonder 12 Month Art & Nature Journal is the perfect way to nature journal your way through the year! 

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or wilderness, this journal will inspire you to seek and connect with the nature right outside your door. 

There are no dates, just months, so relax and jump in anywhere, anytime of the year, to begin your creative nature journaling journey. 

25+ hand drawn illustrations and the natural world await your colored pencils to fill this art & nature journal with your impressions and connections of the wonder of nature!

This coloring and nature journal is divided in to 12 months, each of which offers:
* A full hand drawn coloring page featuring the flower of each month as well as the symbolic attributes of each flower and botanical name
* A page with a template for daily nature thumbnail sketches to bring a teeny bit of nature into your everyday
* A prompt page that includes a hand drawn illustration to color as well as space for you to creatively explore the prompt in your own ways
* & Free space to document your nature observations in your own creative ways when your sense of wonder sparks! 

The 12 month Art & Nature Journal also includes:
* Additional hand drawn botanical illustrations for coloring
* Intention prompt page
* Reflection prompt page
* Spontaneous Sketching pages
* Notes pages
* Further research pages
* & a bonus flower symbolism coloring page 

The Wings, Worms, and Wonder 12 Month Art & Nature journal can be enjoyed by anyone with a desire to creatively connect with nature age 6 -106., regardless of art, coloring, or nature experience.”


Use the rafflecopter below to enter to win this copy of the 12 Month Art and Nature Journal.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be announced December 3rd!

Those of you who want to order a copy of the 12 Month Art and Nature Journal can do so at the Wings, Worms and Wonder Etsy shop or through Create Space (which will save those of you outside of the US on shipping).

Don’t forget to enter to win the other giveaways that have been announced this week: 

The Roost Books 4 Book Bundle

Easy Macro Lenses

Sweetbrier Farm Healing Salve

And check back in tomorrow for another giveaway! 




We have been using Sweetbrier Farm healing salve since Stephinie sent out her first samples and we love it! In fact, my son has gone through multiple tins and keeps one on his bedside table all the time, and I always have one in my purse and another in my backpack!

Imagine our excitement when Sweetbrier Farm offered up three tins to give away to our readers! Yay!

Here is a bit more about this amazing salve from the Sweetbrier Farm Shop: “This incredible herbal salve is good for all sorts of skin ailments and folks of all ages :: Bumps, bruises, scrapes, insect bites, burns, itchy spots and dry skin. It smells amazing too! Made with all organic herbs & oils and beeswax from our own honeybees. Finished with practitioner grade essential oils for their healing properties and lovely scent. Handcrafted in small batches. Preservative free. Healing herbal goodness!”   Three of these 1 oz tins are up for grabs in this giveaway.

Use the rafflecopter below to enter to win one of the tins!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be announced on December 3rd.

Sweetbrier Farm has all kinds of great herbal goodness, soaps, silks, and pottery in the shop. Follow this link on over there see what they have in stock!    Don’t forget to enter the Roost Books Bundle Giveaway and the Easy Macro giveaway announced earlier this week. Check back all week for new giveaways. Below are some of the great things we have in store for you!


Don’t forget to enter to win the giveaways announced earlier this week!

Roost Books Four Book Bundle

Easy Macro Lens

Check back tomorrow for another giveaway!




Giveaway: 3 Easy Macro Lenses


Those of you who follow me on Instagram know I am a big fan of the Easy Macro Lens! It has been a fantastic way to get up close and examine the little details of nature and has opened up whole new worlds for our nature study.


  For us, it basically acts as a portable microscope allowing us to meet nature right where it is instead of bringing it in to our bigger microscopes indoors, which is not always possible. And as a bonus, we can take photos and record video with it to easily share with others and add to our online nature journals. Perfect! As a huge bonus, it is super easy to use and does not require me to remove my phone case. It is simply a band with a little lens. So simple! I love simple!


  The amazing folks over at Easy Macro have given us THREE lenses to give away to readers! So fun! 

Use the rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be announced on December 3rd.

But wait… That is not all! We know that even if you win you are going to want to share Easy Macro with friends or family, and for that reason we have been given a special discount code just for you! As a Mud Puddles reader you can use the code “Mud16” over at Easy to get 25% off your order of a macro lens (or three). This is only available to the first 100 people using the code so make sure you pop on over there quickly to get this awesome deal! And…

Don’t forget to head on over to the Roost Books Bundle Giveaway post to get your entries in there before December 2nd!

Check back all week! A new giveaway will be posted each day!




Giveaway: Four Book Bundle by Roost Books


Eeeek! We are so excited to be giving away not only a copy of our book, Whatever the Weatherbut also three other amazing books by our publisher Roost Books! The winner of this giveaway will receive a copy of Whatever the Weather, Raising Wild, Home Grown, and Stars! How exciting is that? Read on to learn more about each title and enter to win!

whatever the weather cover

About Whatever the Weather: Science Experiments and Art Activities That Explore the Wonders of Weather by Annie Riechmann and Dawn Suzette Smith from the Roost Books website: “The weather around us offers a perfect starting point for exploring nature: paint in the rain, send kites soaring in the wind, build ice orbs, and become a snowflake scientist. The engaging science experiments and open-ended art activities in this book provide a hands-on approach to exploring and understanding the weather we experience every day. This guide to weather science encourages creativity, questioning, and a spirit of curiosity; it will inspire a sense of wonder and adventure—no matter what the day brings.”


  About Raising Wild: Dispatches from a Home in the Wilderness by Michael P. Branch from the Roost Books website: “For over a decade Michael P. Branch has been writing about life in Nevada’s Great Basin Desert with an audacity, lyricism, and wit all his own. In Raising Wild, Branch offers an intimate exploration of the western high desert. Here we find the wild and extreme land of caliche and juniper, where pronghorn antelope run and mountain lions stalk, where wildfires and snowstorms threaten in equal measure, and where Branch, his wife, and their two curious little girls brazenly live among the packrats and ground squirrels, rattlesnakes and scorpions. In this inspired and hilarious exploration of natural history and parenting, Branch reveals a desert wilderness in which our ideas about nature and ourselves are challenged and transformed.”


About Home Grown: Adventures in Parenting off the Beaten Path, Unschooling, and Reconnecting with the Natural World by Ben Hewitt from the Roost Books website: “In this most personal of his books to date, Ben Hewitt shows us how small, mindful decisions about day-to-day life can lead to greater awareness of the world in our backyards and beyond. In telling the story of his sons’ unconventional education in the fields and forests surrounding his family’s northern Vermont farm, he demonstrates that the sparks of learning are all around us, just waiting to be discovered. No matter where we live, Home Grown reminds us that learning at any age is a lifelong process, and that the best education is never confined to a classroom.  Hewitt’s story will inspire you to reclaim passion, curiosity, and creativity, not only for your children, but for yourself.”


About Stars: a family guide to the night sky by Adam Ford from the Roost Books website: “Who isn’t fascinated by the sheer size of the universe? Stars offers a straightforward guide to what we know and how we know it—from the Big Bang to star nurseries to the beginnings of life on planet Earth. Find out why you can’t draw a diagram of the solar system to scale, discover how gravity holds our planet together, and learn why we’re all made of stardust.” Included inside:

    • season-by-season guide to stargazing
    • double-sided star chart covering the northern and southern hemispheres
    • pull-out activities, including “Test Your Eyesight” cards and a “What Do You Weigh on Other Planets?” spinning wheel, plus four sheets of stickers

The winner will receive all four books! Awesome, right? 

Use the rafflecopter below to enter in a variety of ways. Remember the more things you do the more chances you have to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be announced here on the blog December 3rd!

Check back in throughout the week to toss your name in the hat for some amazing giveaways!

Look at what we have to offer for the rest of the week!



Giveaway Week is Almost Here!


We are very excited to announce that we have a fantastic week of giveaways coming up!

With a little help from our friends we have pulled together SIX fantastic, nature inspired, giveaways and it is all going to kick off tomorrow!


Check back tomorrow for details on the first giveaway, a four book bundle by Roost Books, publisher of our book, Whatever the Weather!

Then pop back here each day for a chance to enter a new giveaway all the way until December 2nd!

All giveaways will remain open for the week and winners will be announced on December 3rd, so be sure to share with friends and family!

See you tomorrow for our first giveaway!




November is right around the corner! Can you believe it?

This is a great time of year to be out exploring, but with the weather cooling some extra inspiration can certainly be helpful!

I have made of Four Fun Prompts for November Nature Explorations.

These are super prompts for engaging kids, and their adults, in nature and are a great jumping off point for further explorations.

If you would like to read more about what prompts are and how I use them with my own kids you can check out the post Nature Prompts & How to Use Them.

Click right here to sign up and download the prompts.

As always, if you have any questions or want to share your nature experience you can get in touch with me in the Mud Puddles to Meteors Facebook Group or email me at

Happy Exploring!