Project: Printmaking with Leaves


Earlier this week Emily shared a great Tinkerlab post filled with printmaking inspiration. We were inspired!

As we walked around the yard that morning we looked for things that would be fun to use in a printing project. All of the fall leaves swirling around in the wind seemed to call to us. It is no wonder there are so many fall leaf inspired crafts out there. They beg to be used for all manner of creation!

We played around a bit but eventually figured out that the use of mostly dry tube watercolors make beautiful prints.

What you need: 

Leaves that are still subtle and not too dried out

tube watercolor paints (If you have not worked with them before they are a great addition to your paint collection!)

paint brush

watercolor paper (heavy card stock might work as well)

a little bit of water

plexiglass or another flat object for pressing


What you do:

We squeezed just a bit of tube watercolor paint onto our pallet in our chosen colors and added only a slight amount of water to each color. (We are talking super tiny amounts of water here, folks!)

Using a dry paintbrush we brushed the paint onto the bottom of our leaf.

Leaf printing 5-1

Then we laid the leaf, paint side down, onto the paper.

Leaf Printing 2-1

While you can press with your hands only it does not make for an even print, so we decided to use some plexiglass to help press the whole surface of the leaf evenly. (We have a stash of old plexi lids from old toy containers.) You could use any ridged flat object such as a book or cardboard. Just be sure to press really well around the larger veins of the leaf.

Leaf printing 3-1

After pressing pull the leaf away from the paper and marvel over your beautiful print!

Leaf printing match-1

Play around with colors. You don’t have to stick to the fall color pallet. You may want to try some pastel leaves or even print a few with other holiday colors for future card making!

Have fun printing!

P.S. If you make some leaf prints of your own please share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #mudtometeors. We would love to see your prints!


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  • JenML October 24, 2014, 7:20 pm

    Beautiful! And just in time for fall card-making!
    Thank you!

    • dawn October 29, 2014, 7:09 am

      Fun! Please share if you make any, Jen! We would love to see.

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