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Story sticks TEXT

We have a lot of fun making up stories around here and are always looking for fun ways to add story builders to our supply kit. When we saw garden markers made from sticks we thought that it would be great fun to make up a set of story words with some fallen sticks we had gathered in the yard. (It was also a great chance for a little someone to work on his whittling skills with his new pocket knife!)

The supplies are super simple: 


Fine sharpie or other fine black pen

Pocket knife

Story Sticks 3-1

What you do: 

Simply cut the sticks to the desired length and cut the bark off of one end to create a flat surface for writing. (If you want to get double duty out of your sticks you can cut a writing spot at both ends for even more words to play with!)

Decide if you want to use totally random words or stay with a theme.

Write a word on each stick and place them in a jar.

That’s it! Now you are ready to play and build some stories!

Story Sticks 1-1

Some Ideas:

Pick 5 sticks at random and use all five words in one short story.

Choose sticks one at a time and follow that order using one stick word for each sentence in the story.

Have each person pick a few sticks and go around a circle building a story together, each person adding a sentence using one of their words.


Do you have any other ideas for using story sticks? Please share in the comments!


P.S. This would be an awesome activity to do while camping!

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  • KC September 5, 2014, 12:40 am

    What a fun idea! :)

    • dawn September 5, 2014, 5:23 am

      The girls would have fun with this, KC! Your next mountain hike might include collecting a basket of sticks! Let us know if you make a set.

  • Yanic September 9, 2014, 8:15 pm

    I just love this! What a great indoor activity for the soon-to-be cold winter days!

    • dawn September 9, 2014, 9:37 pm

      Thanks, Yanic! Yes, carving wooden sticks and making up stories on a cold winter day sounds perfect!

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