weather watcher's handbook

Have you ever wondered where the wind comes from? Or why they say that no two snowflakes look alike? Are you curious about why we have seasons, how clouds are made, or what makes lightning flash? Well, we are happy to report that you will find all of this fascinating information about the wild world of weather (and more!) inside the pages of our new e-book, The Weather Watcher’s Handbook: A Family Guide to Weather Science.

A family friendly guide to the basics of weather and the scientific principles behind how it all works, The Weather Watcher’s Handbook is an ideal resource for science-loving families. The book covers everything from the basics of our earth’s atmosphere to age old questions about why it rains and what makes each snowflake so special. You’ll learn about everything from storms and seasons to wind and the water cycle. Plus, there are ten hands-on experiments and activities included in the book; each focused on bringing a basic principle of weather science to life through active experimentation and observation, allowing you to view incredible feats of temperature, air pressure, and more.

The book is available as a downloadable PDF file that can easily be read on a computer, tablet, or other device. To purchase, simply click on the button below.

The Weather Watcher’s Handbook: A Family Guide to Weather Science, $8 usd

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